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Community Centered Decision Making & Communication

I Understand and Use 21st Century Communication Strategies
Customer service is everything in the restaurant business and in the broadcast industry.  I grew up in the restaurant business and I'm currently in the radio/broadcast industry.  If you don't take care of people, listen to what they want and provide it with excellence, you don't have a business.  The same should be true for politicians who fail to communicate with their bosses--aka District 9 and City of Albuquerque residents.  My business depends on providing excellent customer service and I will bring that with me to the City Council. You will be able to reach me by phone and I will communicate with you on social media, in-person and via electronic and snail mail newsletters.  As a constituent, I've experienced unanswered phone calls and lack of response to my legitimate concerns--I won't do that to you as your representative.  I can't promise that we will always agree, but you will always have the opportunity to reach me.

I Value Community Centered Decision Making
I believe that government makes better decisions when we have cross sector collaboration between the private sector, public officials, City staff and concerned citizens.  I support strengthening and properly funding neighborhood associations and I will do everything possible to ensure that the neighborhood associations throughout the City are fully operational, informed and engaged in the work we do at City Hall.  We'll meet regularly to discuss issues and work on solutions to the very real problems we face in our neighborhoods.  An engaged neighborhood is a thriving neighborhood.



Committee to Elect Byron Powdrell
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