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Early Childhood Education - Our Success Depends On It

Why Early Childhood Education

Building up early childhood education programs is one of the smartest investments we can make. Various studies determine that on average, society sees a return of $7 for every $1 invested in early childhood education programs.

This figure can be broken down in the following ways:

Costs to our already overtaxed public school system drop significantly as participants in ECE programs are less likely to repeat grades and require costly special education programs.

Decreased crime rates translate to less expense for our justice system.

ECE participants’ higher income rates result in greater contributions to the tax system.

ECE participants tend to consume less governmental social services such as welfare.

Making Early Childhood Education A City Priority

I served as the chair of the City's Head Start Policy Council when my own children benefited from the program.  While the City does currently make an investment in early childhood education, it should be expanded and I will make it a priority as your City Council.  

First, we need to evaluate how much money the City is currently spending on ECE and determine whether or not the programs are being run effectively and efficiently.  If not, I will ensure that the right people are consulted and at the table to make the necessary improvements in this worthy endeavor.

Second, we need to use our considerable influence to convince the State Legislature to provide more funding statewide.  I support efforts to utilize the State's substantial permanent fund to devote more money to this worthy effort.  Our children are worth it and it will be a major focus of my City Council tenure.

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