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Economic Development - Invest In Albuquerque's Small Businesses

We Need Strong Leadership
I keep returning to this issue because it is the most important element for the future of our City.  I grew up in the restaurant business with my grandparents, my father and aunts and uncles. Powdrell's BBQ has been a successful small business in the City of Albuquerque for the past 50 years. I also am a small business owner in the broadcast industry and I know what it takes to keep running.  We need business-friendly leaders and strong decision makers in City Hall and I am ready to look at procurement guidelines, incentives and other avenues for supporting business in our community.

We Need To Invest In Small Business
Small business owners make up the bulk of Albuquerque's business.  While we have done a good job of investing in technology companies, we also need to look at arts and culture, tourism and other related industries.  Incentives for small businesses to grow and develop and train a skilled workforce will help to reverse the economic downturn that we have been experiencing for more than a decade.  In District 9, we need to look at vacant buildings and the types of businesses that could thrive.  Several areas on the southside of the District in the Gateway community have been steadily declining and I will make working on investing in those areas a priority in my City Council tenure.

We Need to Address the Root Causes of Poor Economic Development
As I have addressed earlier, a focus on early childhood education is key to longterm economic growth.  Our investments in ECE must become a major priority for the City.  I recognize that these investments will not make immediate changes, but this is a longterm strategy.


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