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Economic Development - Invest In Albuquerque's Small Businesses

The Crisis

New Mexico's unemployment, poverty rate, crime statistics, poor education and stagnant economic growth continues to rank us at the bottom of thriving communities in the United States.  In January of this year, we were the highest in the nation for unemployment.  Although Albuquerque's numbers are somewhat better than the rest of the state in job growth, our crime statistics are skyrocketing.  These indicators do not bode well for outside investment in our City.

New Mexico Ranks Near the Bottom for State's Economies

What Can We Do To Improve Albuquerque's Economic Future:

It is important for us all to recognize that our City's policies and strategies must address all of the issues that affect our economic future.  We cannot grow the economy in a crime-ridden, poorly educated field.  Here's what I believe is .necessary..




Public Safety: No Easy Answers or Quick Solutions

The Crisis

 A popular national website – NeighborhoodScout – described the public safety crisis in alarming detail.

“With a crime rate of 72 per one thousand residents, Albuquerque has one of the highest crime rates in America compared to all communities of all sizes - from the smallest towns to the very largest cities. One's chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime here is one in 14. Within New Mexico, more than 95% of the communities have a lower crime rate than Albuquerque. In fact, after researching dangerous places to live, NeighborhoodScout found Albuquerque to be one of the top 100 most dangerous cities in the U.S.A.

 Turning the Tide

 There are no easy answers and no quick fixes to this crisis – it didn’t happen overnight and it won’t be fixed overnight.  Here’s what we need to do to restore the public safety and the public trust:

Early Childhood Education - Our Success Depends On It

The Crisis

For more than a decade, New Mexico has either been last or very near the bottom in education rankings in the United States. In January of this year, Education Week Magazine released statistics showing that we have held the rank of the 49th worst state for education in the United States.  

The Solution:

Although the City does not have primary responsibility for managing the education system, the success of our City depends on it.  The best economic development strategy we could ever have is to invest heavily in early childhood education.  Here's why:




Community Centered Decision Making & Communication

The Crisis

As I walk our District and speak to voters, I hear you saying that you can't reach your elected officials and when you do, they don't hear you.  A recent crisis in District 9 at the Manzano Mesa Multigenerational Center wound up on the news instead of being fixed before it became a problem.  

Trash Problem in District 9 Getting Worse Residents Say.....

And while I hope that the Albuquerque Rapid Transit project turns out to be a success, the issue was never fully discussed with voters and business owners and it has eroded the public trust.

ART Project Fails to Keep Promises to Small Business Owners

In my own review of our incumbents, communication style I found this response to a constituent on social media a few months ago when I entered the Council race.

Why I Know I Can Make A Difference In District 9 and On The City Council:

A failure to provide two-way communication with voters is a failure to lead.  Period.  Here's what I'll do to turn things around and ensure you have a voice on the Council.


Committee to Elect Byron Powdrell
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